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How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Cartoon Full Text
Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas is my favorite of all the Christmas classics. I love the poem and the cartoon, and over the years I have noticed subtle differences between them. However, while the complete text of the original poem is easily attainable, a transcript of the cartoon special is not.

So I watched the cartoon, with the text of the poem and verses from the songs on hand, in order to provide such a transcript. I organized the poem into rhyming couplets for simplicity. (I also determined that, for the cartoon, dozens of lines were modified, five lines were removed completely, and twenty or so were added.)

If you catch an error or think I missed something, comment below!

How the Grinch Stole Christmas
Written by Dr. Seuss, published in 1957
Cartoon debuted December 18, 1966

Voice, Narrator and GrinchBoris Karloff
Voice, Cindy-Lou WhoJune Foray
Vocals, "You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch"    Thurl Ravenscroft

Fahoo forays, dahoo dorays
Welcome Christmas, bring your light
Fahoo forays, dahoo dorays
Welcome in the cold of night

Welcome Christmas, fahoo ramus
Welcome Christmas, dahoo damus
Welcome Christmas, while we stand
Heart to heart and hand in hand

Trim up the tree with Christmas stuff
Like bingle balls and whofoo fluff
Trim up the town with googoo gums
And bizilbigs and wums

Trim every blessed window and trim every blessed door
Hang up whoboohoo bricks then run out and get some more!
Hang pantookas on the ceilings
Pile panpoonas on the floor
Trim every blessed needle on the blessed Christmas tree
Christmas comes tomorrow. Trim you, trim me!
Trim up your tree with fuzzle fuzz
And fliffer bloofs, and wuzzle wuzz
Trim up your uncle and your aunt
With yards of whoflut flay

Every Who down in Whoville liked Christmas a lot
But the Grinch who lived just North of Whoville did not!

The Grinch hated Christmas! The whole Christmas season!
Now, please don't ask why. No one quite knows the reason.

It could be, perhaps, that his shoes were too tight.
It could be his head wasn't screwed on just right.

But I think that the most likely reason of all
May have been that his heart was two sizes too small.

But, whatever the reason, his heart or his shoes,
He stood there on Christmas Eve hating the Whos,

Staring down from his cave with a sour, Grinchy frown
At the warm lighted windows below in their town,

For he knew every Who down in Whoville beneath
Was busy now hanging a hollywho wreath.

"And they're hanging their stockings," he snarled with a sneer.
"Tomorrow is Christmas! It's practically here!"

Then he growled, with his Grinch fingers nervously drumming,
"I must find some way to keep Christmas from coming!

For, tomorrow, I know all the Who girls and boys
Will wake bright and early. They'll rush for their toys!

And then! Oh, the noise! Oh, the noise! Noise! Noise! Noise!
There's one thing I hate! All the NOISE! NOISE! NOISE! NOISE!

And they'll shriek squeaks and squeals, racing 'round on their wheels.
They'll dance with jingtinglers tied onto their heels.
They'll blow their floofloovers. They'll bang their tartookas.
They'll blow their whohoopers. They'll bang their gardookas.
They'll spin their trumtookas. They'll slam their slooslunkas.
They'll beat their blumbloopas. They'll wham their whowonkas.
And they'll play noisy games like zoozittacarzay,
A roller-skate type of lacrosse and croquet!
And then they'll make ear-splitting noises galooks
On their great big electro whocarnio flooks!

Then the Whos, young and old, will sit down to a feast.
And they'll feast! And they'll feast! And they'll FEAST! FEAST! FEAST! FEAST!

They'll feast on Who pudding, and rare Who roast beast,
Raw roast beast is a feast I can't stand in the least!

And then they'll do something I hate most of all!
Every Who down in Whoville, the tall and the small,

They'll stand close together, with Christmas bells ringing.
They'll stand hand-in-hand, and those Whos will start singing!"

Fahoo forays, dahoo dorays
Welcome Christmas! Come this way
Fahoo forays, dahoo dorays
Welcome Christmas, Christmas Day

Welcome, welcome, fahoo ramus
Welcome, welcome, dahoo damus
Christmas Day is in our grasp
So long as we have hands to clasp

Fahoo forays, dahoo dorays...

"And they'll sing! And they'll sing! And they'd SING! SING! SING! SING!"
And the more the Grinch thought of this Who Christmas Sing,
The more the Grinch thought, "I must stop this whole thing!

Why for fifty-three years I've put up with it now!
I must stop Christmas from coming! But how?"

Then he got an idea! An awful idea!
The Grinch got a wonderful, awful idea!

"I know just what to do!" The Grinch laughed in his throat.
"I'll make a quick Santy Claus hat and a coat."

And he chuckled, and clucked, "What a great grinchy trick!
With this coat and this hat, I'll look just like Saint Nick!"

You're a mean one, Mr. Grinch. You really are a heel.
You're as cuddly as a cactus. You're as charming as an eel.
Mr. Grinch! You're a bad banana with a greasy black peel!

You're a monster, Mr. Grinch. Your heart's an empty hole.
Your brain is full of spiders. You've got garlic in your soul.
Mr. Grinch! I wouldn't touch you with a thirty-nine-and-a-half foot pole!

"All I need is a reindeer." The Grinch looked around.
But since reindeer are scarce, there was none to be found.

Did that stop the Grinch? Hah! The Grinch simply said,
"If I can't find a reindeer, I'll make one instead!"

So he took his dog Max, and he took some black thread.
And he tied a big horn on top of his head.

Then he loaded some bags and some old empty sacks
On a ramshackle sleigh and he whistled for Max.

Then the Grinch said "Giddyap!" and the sleigh started down
Toward the homes where the Whos lay a-snooze in their town.

All their windows were dark. No one knew he was there.
All the Whos were all dreaming sweet dreams without care
When he came to the first little house of the square.

"This is stop number one," the old Grinchy Claus hissed,
As he climbed to the roof, empty bags in his fist.

Then he slid down the chimney, a rather tight pinch.
But if Santa could do it, then so could the Grinch.

He got stuck only once, for a minute or two.
Then he stuck his head out of the fireplace flue

Where the little Who stockings hung all in a row.
"These stockings," he grinched, "are the first things to go!"

Then he slithered and slunk, with a smile most unpleasant,
Around the whole room, and he took every present!

Pop guns, pampoogas, pantookas, and drums!
Checkerboards, bizilbigs, popcorn, and plums!

And he stuffed them in bags. Then the Grinch, very nimbly,
Stuffed all the bags, one by one, up the chimney.

You're a vile one, Mr. Grinch. You have termites in your smile.
You have all the tender sweetness of a seasick crocodile.
Mr. Grinch! Given the choice between the two of you I'd take the seasick crocodile!

You're a rotter, Mr. Grinch. You're the king of sinful sots.
Your heart's a dead tomato splotched with moldy purple spots.
Mr. Grinch! You're a three decker sauerkraut and toadstool sandwich with arsenic sauce!

Then he slunk to the icebox. He took the Whos' feast!
He took the Who pudding! He took the roast beast!

He cleaned out that icebox as quick as a flash.
Why, that Grinch even took the last can of Who hash!

Then he stuffed all the food up the chimney with glee.
"Now," grinned the Grinch, "I will stuff up the tree!"

As the Grinch took the tree, as he started to shove,
He heard a small sound like the coo of a dove.

He turned around fast, and he saw a small Who!
Little Cindy-Lou Who, who was no more than two.

She stared at the Grinch and said, "Santy Claus, why,
Why are you taking our Christmas tree? Why?"

But, you know, that old Grinch was so smart and so slick,
He thought up a lie, and he thought it up quick!

"Why, my sweet little tot," the fake Santy Claus lied,
"There's a light on this tree that won't light on one side.

So I'm taking it home to my workshop, my dear.
I'll fix it up there, then I'll bring it back here."

And his fib fooled the child. Then he patted her head,
And he got her a drink, and he sent her to bed.

And when Cindy-Lou Who was in bed with her cup,
He crupt to the chimney and stuffed the tree up!

Then he went up the chimney himself, the old liar.
And the last thing he took was the log for their fire.
On their walls he left nothing but hooks and some wire.

And the one speck of food that he left in the house
Was a crumb that was even too small for a mouse.

Then he did the same thing to the other Whos' houses,
Leaving crumbs much too small for the other Whos' mouses!

You nauseate me, Mr. Grinch, with a nauseous super "naus"!
You're a crooked dirty jockey and you drive a crooked hoss.
Mr. Grinch! Your soul is an appalling dump heap overflowing with the most disgraceful assortment of rubbish imaginable mangled up in tangled up knots!

You're a foul one, Mr. Grinch. You're a nasty-wasty skunk.
Your heart is full of unwashed socks. Your soul is full of gunk.
Mr. Grinch! The three words that best describe you are as follows, and I quote, "Stink, stank, stunk"!

It was quarter of dawn. All the Whos still a-bed,
All the Whos still a-snooze, when he packed up his sled,

Packed it up with their presents, their ribbons, their wrappings,
Their snoof and their fuzzles, their tringlers and trappings!

Ten thousand feet up, up the side of Mount Crumpet,
He rode with his load to the tiptop to dump it!

"Pooh-pooh to the Whos!" he was grinchily humming.
"They're finding out now that no Christmas is coming!

They're just waking up! I know just what they'll do!
Their mouths will hang open a minute or two
Then the Whos down in Whoville will all cry boo-hoo!

That's a noise," grinned the Grinch, "that I simply must hear!"
He paused, and the Grinch put a hand to his ear.

And he did hear a sound rising over the snow.
It started in low, then it started to grow.

Fahoo forays, dahoo dorays
Welcome Christmas! Come this way
Fahoo forays, dahoo dorays
Welcome Christmas, Christmas Day

Welcome, welcome, fahoo ramus
Welcome, welcome, dahoo damus
Christmas Day is in our grasp
So long as we have hands to clasp

But this sound wasn't sad!
Why, this sound sounded glad!

Every Who down in Whoville, the tall and the small,
Was singing without any presents at all!

He hadn't stopped Christmas from coming! It came!
Somehow or other, it came just the same!

And the Grinch, with his grinch feet ice-cold in the snow,
Stood puzzling and puzzling. "How could it be so?

It came without ribbons! It came without tags!
It came without packages, boxes, or bags!"

He puzzled and puzzed till his puzzler was sore.
Then the Grinch thought of something he hadn't before.

Maybe Christmas, he thought, doesn't come from a store.
Maybe Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more!

And what happened then? Well, in Whoville they say
That the Grinch's small heart grew three sizes that day!

And then the true meaning of Christmas came through,
And the Grinch found the strength of ten Grinches, plus two!

And now that his heart didn't feel quite so tight,
He whizzed with his load through the bright morning light

With a smile to his soul, he descended Mount Crumpet
Cheerily blowing "Who! Who!" on his trumpet.

He road into Whoville. He brought back their toys.
He brought back their floof to the Who girls and boys.

He brought back their snoof and their tringlers and fuzzles,
Brought back their pantookas, their dafflers and wuzzles.

He brought everything back, all the food for the feast!
And he, he himself, the Grinch carved the roast beast!

Welcome Christmas. Bring your cheer,
Cheer to all Whos, far and near.

Christmas Day is in our grasp
So long as we have hands to grasp.

Christmas Day will always be
Just as long as we have we.

Welcome Christmas while we stand
Heart to heart and hand in hand.

Trivia Tidbits:

The song "Fahoo Forays" references the last name of the voice actress for Cindy-Lou Who, June Foray.

The thread used to tie the horn to Max's head is red in the poem, black in the cartoon.

In the original poem, the Grinch lives 3,000 feet up Mount Crumpet. In the cartoon, it's 10,000 feet.

Several real-life toy items mentioned in the original poem are replaced by made-up toys in the cartoon.

Thurl Ravenscroft was accidentally uncredited for his singing. Dr. Seuss tried to correct this by sending letters to newspapers across America. Ravenscroft was also the voice of Tony the Tiger.

Meanwhile, Boris Karloff - who did NOT sing the song - won a grammy for his narration of the cartoon when it was released as an LP in 1967.

The illustrated Grinch in the poem was black and white with touches of pink, like every other illustration. Director Chuck Jones (who produced and directed countless Warner Brothers cartoons starring Bugs Bunny and his pals) decided that the cartoon Grinch should be green.
(user not logged in)
12/20/2007 @ 12:15am
Thank you for doing this!
You're so right! It's impossible to find the TV version of this online. I have a strong feeling that the Seuss folks work hard to get rid of as many copies of the story they can find online. Thanks for putting in the effort so we don't have to. I just read it to my kids and they loved it.
12/20/2007 @ 2:30am
Re: Thank you for doing this!
I don't think they try to get rid of it. The story is much better with the artwork and/or animation, and I think they know that. The poem itself is all over the internet, and so are the lyrics to all the songs, so a transcription of the cartoon special is only natural to follow. Given that what I've done is simply a copy and paste of several other very public web sites, I don't think there's much they could do to shut this down without shutting down hundreds of other web pages.

Then again, if I get a legal threat from someone who owns the rights to the original work, I'll think differently. :)
(user not logged in)
12/20/2007 @ 6:25pm
Hey Thanks!
You have no idea how glad I was to find this page...thanks for taking the time to do this, it's a pile of work. :)
12/21/2007 @ 3:18am
Re: Hey Thanks!
You're welcome! It only took about 40 minutes, mainly because all the source material (original poem, song lyrics) were already online.

I copied the poem, copied the song lyrics, and listened to the cartoon (25 minutes long) one time through, pausing for a few moments here and there to make the changes.

The most time-consuming part was splitting it into couplets and checking capitalization and spelling, which I was doing on the fly as I listened to the cartoon.
12/20/2007 @ 11:48pm
Tis a favorite of mine also. Thanks for posting such an awesome entry. I enjoyed it emmensely. :)
(user not logged in)
12/30/2010 @ 8:00pm
Minor correction
i think it's They'll make earsplitting noises delux'
on their great big electro whocardio schnux. :)
I never tried muting it - I wonder if it has subtitles?
Thanks for posting it! B-
(user not logged in)
1/4/2011 @ 1:25pm
This is exactly what I have wanted to find! YOU rock! Anderson
(user not logged in)
11/9/2011 @ 1:55pm
it could be his head wasn't screwed on just right
it could be perhaps his shoes were to tight. not the other way around.
11/11/2011 @ 5:29pm
Re: corection
I will dust off my copy and check that out. Thanks!
(user not logged in)
11/24/2011 @ 10:14pm
Re: corection
You have it right. I just watched it and it says the shoes part before the head.
(user not logged in)
1/15/2012 @ 1:25pm

Oh, but it is the other way around.
(user not logged in)
11/16/2011 @ 10:11pm
Awesome, thanks. Our workband is thinking of narrating the story in the cafeteria for Xmas this year instead of the usual Xmas songs we sing. It'll be fun to tell the story, have someone do the voices and for the band to play the ginchy tune throughout the story.

(user not logged in)
11/26/2011 @ 9:59pm
ESL teacher
Thanks for posting this! I'm going to use the cartoon in my ESL class and I have to provide text for everyhing I'm using in my classroom. I appreciate your work very much!
11/27/2011 @ 3:10pm
Re: ESL teacher
Work? It was play! It's one of the best Christmas specials out there (and my personal favorite), and I like being useful to boot... I'm glad people enjoy it!
(user not logged in)
12/1/2011 @ 1:29am
Much appreciated
I have three children, one of whom is deaf. I was trying to find a closed captioned version of the cartoon, but could not. Thanks to you, all three kids were able to enjoy the cartoon together.
-Oren Otter
(user not logged in)
12/11/2011 @ 8:43am
The Grinch
THANK YOU SOO MUCH... I have been looking and looking and not found the right words, couldn't believe it, totally absurd! Then here I find them and am delighted today, I found what I wanted, what the Grinch really did say! Now I have all the words, yes I have them now all, so all I must truly say is "THANK YOU PAUL!"
(user not logged in)
12/12/2011 @ 4:21am
minor corrections, and thanks!
And they'll play noisy games like zoozittacarzay,
Or roller skate, type (?), lacrosse, croquet!
A roller-skate type of lacrosse and croquet!

And then they'll make ear-splitting noises galooks
On that great big electro whocarnio fnooks (?)!
On their great big electro whocarnio flooks!
Thanks so much for this. I just copied-and-pasted (literally, with rubber cement!) the song lyrics, as well as the expanded ending, into my copy of the book; so that the next time I read this to my daughter (tomorrow night) I can add those parts in.
12/12/2011 @ 3:21pm
Re: minor corrections, and thanks!
Thanks! And you're welcome!
(user not logged in)
12/14/2011 @ 4:42am
Thank you!
Just wanted to say thank you so much for taking the time to do this. I'm rewriting the narration and Grinch songs for a project and your transcription has been invaluable!

- Justin
(user not logged in)
12/31/2011 @ 6:35pm
I just stumbled across this -- thanks a lot! I needed the words to the book for a church service I'm preparing and I had every Dr. Seuss book from when my kids were little but this one. I have 3 of the movies but didn't want to sit down and try to get the words written down from them. Thank you for doing the work for me!
1/1/2012 @ 8:55pm
Just remember... This isn't exactly the book. It's the cartoon. The book is available in print, and this is NOT it. It's close, though.
(user not logged in)
1/15/2012 @ 1:35pm

Dr.Seuss was the king of the nonsense word. This was one of his greatest works in my opinion. It's funny and entertaining, but a beautiful and touching story at the same time. In the midst of the humor, it's beautiful poetry and a beautiful story. I think that he will go down as one of the greatest poets that ever lived.

I found one correction, and it's a classic example of one of his nonsense words. Subtle things like this were half the entertainment. It's important to pay attention when listening to or reciting Dr.Seuss. You can miss things like this.

"And he stuffed them in bags then the grinch very nimbly,

stuffed all the bags one by one up the CHIMBLEY!"
(user not logged in)
12/23/2012 @ 8:17am
The Decemberists did a song called "The Chimbley Sweep"
(user not logged in)
11/17/2012 @ 7:07pm
Thank you so much; I love reading and performing the story for my students!
(user not logged in)
11/28/2012 @ 5:46pm
Awesome job! One correction:

Christmas Day is in our grasp
So long as we have hands to grasp.

Should be "So long as we have hands to CLASP."

Thank you for the post!
(user not logged in)
12/3/2012 @ 2:16am
This is awesome!!!

Thank you so much! I am an ESL teacher and since Christmas is coming up, I wanted to share this story with my students. I was trying to find it online and couldn't find a site.

You did a great job!!!!
12/7/2012 @ 11:49am
This is a great post!! The song is all I will have for Christmas but it is what a true Christmas is about. I am 56 and remember watching the Grinch on TV as a kid
(user not logged in)
12/17/2012 @ 10:17pm
Great post! Thank you!!
(user not logged in)
12/20/2012 @ 6:11pm
Thank you for posting this! I was about to try and watch and rewatch so that I could write this all out for some students I am working with who are in our school program at a Children's Hospital. You have saved me hours of work! Have a very Merry Christmas!
(user not logged in)
10/9/2013 @ 3:19pm
i like this story because its very sad and funny
10/15/2013 @ 9:53pm
Thank you for taking this on! That was quite a prodigious task you set for yourself! Song lyrics and all. And the trivia is much appreciated, too. June Foray, of course, was the voice of Rocky the Flying Squirrel (Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoon) as well as many other voices in cartoonland. I was wondering who sang Your a Mean One, Mr. Grinch and I'm delighted to know he was also Tony the Tiger. I was looking up the original Seuss story when I came upon this one. Always loved the cartoon. Great job!
3/7/2014 @ 7:06pm
Thanks! I'm glad people enjoy it, and I'm glad to provide something that (shockingly) wasn't available before!
(user not logged in)
11/6/2013 @ 8:22pm
Thank you for the sensible critique. Me and my neighbor were just pteparing to do a little research on this.
We got a grab a book from our area library but I think I learned more from
this post. I am very glad to ssee such magnificent info
being shared freely out there.
(user not logged in)
1/9/2014 @ 10:19am
Hii :))) this Poem is very nice :) I like it a lot. I choose it for my favourite in School and now we have to Play it in Group.
I want to ask you if you have the german Translation ? I neeed it, please..
1/10/2014 @ 11:16pm
Sorry! Don't know the German version! I'm glad you like it, though. Have you tried translating it yourself? It may sound like homework, but what better practice than on something you love!
(user not logged in)
1/11/2014 @ 12:37pm
yes, youre right. but how can I translate tartookas, gardookas, trumtookas, slooslukas, blumbloopas, whowonkas, galooks, electro whocarino flooks, Who pudding. Did you know that ? :S :/
3/7/2014 @ 7:09pm
Those are completely fictional things. Dr. Seuss made up fun-sounding words to replace brand names that he couldn't use in the cartoon. Perhaps something similar can be done in German!
(user not logged in)
3/7/2014 @ 3:56pm
Thank you! I cited this animation as where Seuss uses the term "euphemism" for "outhouse" and a friend told me I was wrong. Your post here, was the only way for me to be certain. Turns out it was from "Halloween is Grinch Night" from 1977. Without your post, I would not have been able to be sure that my citation was wrong. Very helpful!!! [no sarcasm]

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