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Quantum of Solace
I finally watched the second "Daniel Craig is James Bond" movie, and I liked it, of course. Unlike most Bond movies, the last two have seemed mostly realistic (minus the excessive wear and tear on people and things yet they keep on ticking), and therefore I have enjoyed them quite a bit. They're not perfect, but I love James Bond movies, so they're great to me.

Also, I have an answer to a question people seem to like to ask when they hear about this movie:

(Q) What is a quantum of solace?
(A) A quantum is the tiniest possible fraction of something that someone can have. Solace is essentially a synonym of satisfaction. So a quantum of solace is the smallest possible amount of solace a person can have. In the case of the Bond film, it is likely a reference to the tiniest speck of consolation Bond gets for tracking down the killers of Vesper Lynn (or, perhaps less specifically, for just doing his job and getting the bad guy).
7/15/2009 @ 11:11pm
I can't remember on what blog I saw this comment, but I remember seeing "quantum of solace" defined by one blog commenter as "piece of peace".
7/18/2009 @ 6:45pm
Good point. And a tiny piece of peace, at that.
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