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Entry #2500
So when it comes to free online web site/blog services, this is my chronology. Some of the join dates are guesses. Some are posted on my profile when I login.

Geocities (fall 1996)
Angelfire (1997?)
Xoom (1997?)

By 1999 I had designed the layout of my web site from the ground up, so I ditched sites like Geocities and Xoom for space on a friend's domain, which lasted nearly four years. That site stayed online for years until it became so frequently corrupted by malicious attacks that I just had to stop rebuilding it to keep friends and family from going to it.

Livejournal (2/5/2004)
Facebook (10/28/2004?)
Xanga (2/8/2005)
MySpace (3/14/2005)
Twitter (11/27/2008)

I am pretty sure I narrowed my earliest Facebook presence to October 2004, but I didn't use it much until Spring 2005. I just know I joined in college, and I graduated in December 2004...

Entry #2500 here. The end?
6/24/2010 @ 8:37pm
that, sir, is an awful lot of posting.
6/29/2010 @ 10:37am
What's Xanga? I've never heard of it.
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