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18 July 1982
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007, 24, 42, astrophysics, atlanta braves, auburn tigers, ayn rand, barnes & noble, baseball, board games, boom blox, bowling, calculus, capitalism, cards, chess, chuck, classic nintendo, colbert report, college football, compatibilism, computers, congress, cosmology, css, dhtml, donnie darko, douglas adams, drake equation, dvds, dystopian novels, economics, egoism, elections, env2, equilibrium, ethics, existentialism, exogenesis, facebook, fairtax, family, family guy, fantasy baseball, fantasy football, fluxx, foamy, frappuccino, friends, georgia, goldeneye, good conversation, government, grammar, gran turismo, grand theft auto, heroes, history, honesty, html, icons, imaginary time, indiana jones, indie music, individualism, intelligence, internet, james bond, jennifer government, knowledge, law, libertarianism, lord of the rings, m theory, macon, math, memes, monetarism, movies, mp3s, music, myspace, mythology, neal boortz, nfl, nintendo 64, nintendo ds, nintendo wii, objectivism, office space, old school video games, panspermia, perfect dark, philosophy, photos, physics, ping pong, pink floyd, playstation 2, poker, politics, pragmatism, privacy, probability, probability theory, pyrrhonism, quantum mechanics, relativity, religion, sabermetrics, science fiction, skepticism, sleep, sleeping, smart girls, spacetime, statistics, string theory, subway, super mario, super mario bros, super nintendo, supply-side economics, supreme court, sweet tea, syntax, taoism, technology, teenage mutant ninja turtles, texas hold'em, the matrix, the x-files, theoretical physics, time travel, trivia, truth, truthiness, useful information, useless information, verizon wireless, video game music, video games, warner robins, wii, wii fit, windows vista, windows xp, world of goo, writing, xkcd